The Massee | 1924 architectural drawing of pediment and ornamentation for The Massee Apartments

Georgian Revival,

at its finest.


" This monumental, eight-story, Georgian revival brick structure,

with Baroque limestone details, adds a note of urban sophistication

to the residential heights near the college and above the downtown. "

William R. Mitchell, Jr.

Conveniently located in Macon, Georgia’s downtown historical district, The Massee offers a unique way of life for the resident who appreciates character and charm.  It is a tribute to the skills of Neel Reid, the region’s foremost architect of the 1920’s who designed the building to be beautiful as well as functional.

Like other Reid designs, The Massee is an architecture landmark – the handsome ornamental work surrounding the

doorway, with wide terracotta tile terrace and wrought iron railings, door grilles and torches complete the stage for its dramatic entrance.

The Massee | 1924 architectural drawing of ddesign and ornamentation for the entrance to The Massee Apartments